Serguei Bogouslavski was born on 26 April 1952 in the Orenburg region of Russia. He studied in Moscow under the guidance of such prominent Russian sculptors, as V. Tabah, S. Mirenskaja, L. Bljah og J. Ustinova.
Bogouslavski participated in numerous exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. His works have been acquired by museums and various private collections in Russia, Germany, Denmark, U.S.A., Israel and South Korea, and some of them are exhibited in the most renowned Russia museums, such as the Tretiakov Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow. S.Bogouslavski is currently living and working in Denmark.
S. Bogouslavski finds means of expressing himself in different materials as stone, wood, metal, etc. On his many exhibitions he has displayed works with biblical motifs, sets of works dedicated to music and musicians, works from the world of animals and many more.
Serguei Bogouslavski’s art is saturated with fantasy and his soothing sense of humor. Despite the artist's earthly origin, in many of his works one can notice the aspiration to soar over the Earth.
For a long time Serguei Bogouslavski has experimented with combining two or more completely different materials, like bronze with marble, or wood with ivory and ceramics. Recently he has created a unique combination of leather and wood.
In 2005 Serguei Bogouslavski created a sculpture of the young H.C. Ander-sen, which was inspired by Ander-sen’s debut work - “Foot journey to Amager”. The model of the sculpture (2.5 meters tall made out of bronze-covered gyps) was presented to the public on Chirstmas Møller’s square in the days when Copenhagen celebra-ted Andersen’s 200th anniversary. The statue arose great interest among the people who saw it, and many of them supported the idea to make it into a permanent monument at this very place. The working group has previously presented this project to the municipal culture and leisure committee, which agreed with the propo-sition, however was incapable to sponsor the project.

Thus the working group is looking for sponsors to cast the sculpture in bronze and erect it on Chirstmas Møller’s square. Contribution to Serguei Bogouslavski’s sculptutre of H.C. Andersen can be made by bank transfer to the account in Danske Bank, No 10084962, Reg. no.0259
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